Shifting Interactions by LASALLE College of the Arts (SG)

  • 19 Aug to 27 Aug
  • Fri - Sat (7:30 PM - 2:00 AM), Sun - Thu (7:30 PM - 10:00 PM). Performance 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM.
  • National Museum of Singapore, Glass Atrium
  • Free Admission

Tying together electronic media, sculpture and dance, LASALLE College of the Arts presents Shifting Interactions, a performance installation.

Dancers will traverse a dynamic performance space dotted with a series of static and animated objects. Conceptualized as a durational and improvised performance piece, participants will shape, change and vitalize the space over time through sound, light and movement.

About Media Lab

The Media Lab at LASALLE College of the Arts operates as a research and practice-oriented environment. It is focused on creating artefacts and prototypes with the use of technology. Whilst the results that emerge from this lab can be experimental and playful, they can also be applied to real world scenarios. With a strong interdisciplinary approach and collaborations with other disciplines the lab aims to expand the use of technology into myriad forms of artistic expressions.

About School of Dance and Theatre

The creative culture at LASALLE College of the Arts is readily apparent in both the cosmopolitan and cutting-edge approach of the BA(Hons) Dance degree and the Diploma in Dance.  The BA(Hons) Dance is an elite programme, which provides dance training with a contemporary, creative and collaborative focus.  Mentoring of inter-disciplinary projects creates a stimulating and encouraging environment for exploration and experimentation, with students engaging in performance as dancers and as choreographers.  Taking our cue from Singapore’s ethnic mix, the programme embraces a range of cultural perspectives in its content, approach and philosophy.  International visiting artists, contribute to the programme by sharing their work and creative processes with students.  Students emerge as internationally competitive dance artists willing to test and expand the definitions of dance.  

The Diploma in Dance develops dance technique and expression in a wide range of styles such as ballet, Urban Dance, Jazz and Asian Movement Practices with a focus on Contemporary dance. It aims to develop students into confident performers and creative collaborators.  Graduates from this programme will be expressive and imaginative dancers who meet the artistic and commercial demands of the performing arts industry in Singapore and the region. 

About LASALLE College of the Arts

LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore is a leading tertiary institution in cutting edge contemporary arts and design education and practice. The college offers over 30 diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in fine arts, design communication, interior design, product design, film, animation, fashion, dance, music, theatre, arts management, arts pedagogy and practice, art therapy, and Asian art histories.

Its faculty is led by a community of award-winning artists, designers, educators and researchers, and their practice-led research sets LASALLE apart as an international centre of excellence. Critically acclaimed alumni form the core of the cultural and creative sectors in Singapore and increasingly, internationally.

Founded in 1984 by De La Salle Brother Joseph McNally – a visionary artist and educator – LASALLE is a not-for-profit, private educational institution. LASALLE receives tuition grant support from the Singapore Ministry of Education. Its degree programmes are validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.

Led by​ Andreas Schlegel, Muhammad Dhiya Bin Rahman, Brian O'Reilly and Melissa Quek.

Held in conjunction with

nuit blance 2016

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