7 Kickstart at Singapore Art Museum & SMU

7KICKstart Community Cafe is a Singaporean coffee passion expressed daily to friends through every cup of coffee served. Our single-minded aspiration is to gather people from all walks of life in our humble cafe to sip this magical black brew as a community of friends with a heart for each other. We also hope to revive the Singapore Heritage Kopi Gu-You Menu for this generation and generations to come. This Singapore Heritage Kopi Culture is Singapore and for all to enjoy in a cup. 7KICKstart, we ❤ coffee!

We are also passionate about making coffee fashionable to all millennials with our ice-drip cold brew coffee, also available on NITRO-tap. This exciting range of ice-drip cold brew coffee adds a new level of taste and refined enjoyment with rarely offered single-origin coffee beans in a medicine bottle. Our beans hail from Ethiopia, El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, India, Haiti, Brazil, Guatemala and more.

7KICKStart is all about the coffee that the community sips daily.

Singapore Night Festival specials

19, 20, 26 & 27 AUG | 8.00 PM – 11.00 PM

Purchase 3 drinks and receive the fourth FREE!
*The free drink will be the one with the lowest price.

FREE upgrade to 24oz Big Gulp Quencher with purchase of 3 standard 16oz drinks.

Early Night Festives get 10% discount from 6pm to 7pm.